W@Competition Five Star Professionals Survey - Brussels Bubble

[email protected] Five Star Professionals Survey - Brussels Bubble

Oct 6, 2020

Private Practice

On the occasion of W@ 5th anniversary, the ‘Five Star Women Competition Professionals’ Survey celebrates notable women competition professionals of different levels of experience and seniority - be they professionals who have inspired you, or whose work and/or skillset you have appreciated or were impressed with.  Below please find a list of competition professionals in Private Practice in the Brussels Bubble across three tiers:

- Guide Stars -


- Shining Stars -


- Rising Stars -


The finalists of the Survey in Brussels have received as awards pieces of art by the Brussels-based painter Barbara Pynchon who dedicated three of her paintings for this project:

  • The ‘September Memory’,  Acrylic on Paper, 2020
  • The ‘Red Stain’,  Acrylic on Paper, 2021
  • The ‘Yellow Rectangle’, Acrylic on Paper, 2020
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