Rachel Triplow

Rachel Triplow

New Zealand, Christchurch
Founder at aRc Legal
Profession: Managing Principal
Industry: Intellectual Property


I have a passion for helping businesses protect and develop their innovative ideas. I've specialised in IP law for over 20 years, with roles including: * Assistant Commissioner at IPONZ - leading the TM team & running a project to align practices with IP Australia where possible; * General Counsel of an ASX listed NZ intellectual property investment & commercialisation company; * UK Counsel for an international IT/IP company; and * senior solicitor roles in IP law firms in NZ & the UK.






aRc Legal

Founder at aRc Legal

March 2015 - Present • Christchurch, New Zealand

aRc is a boutique intellectual property law firm that was founded by Rachel Triplow to help small businesses and starts up have accessible legal support for their awesome ideas.
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