Carmen Villarroel Luque

Carmen Villarroel Luque

Austria, Vienna
Profession: Lawyer
Industry: Data Privacy


I am a qualified Spanish Lawyer with an interest in privacy, data protection, and human rights. I am also interested in the interplay between technology, society, and law. I recently obtained an LLM in Law and Technology from Tilburg University and I am currently a Legal Trainee at noyb.


Spanish, Galician, English


Legal TechnologyEU LawPrivacyData Protection



Legal Intern at EHVlinc

3 mth • November 2019 - February 2020 • Tilburg / Eindhoven, The Netherlands

I helped develop the Suitless Project, a program that offers automatic legal advice to start-ups on intellectual property, data protection and other aspects of the law relevant for them. I helped to create the data protection flowcharts into a software solution, designing and drafting the contents.


Privacy Intern at ASML

5 mth • February 2020 - July 2020 • Eindhoven, The Netherlands

I worked in the privacy office of ASML. I helped structure the privacy department and workflow. I also helped handling data breaches, privacy assessments and DPIAs.


Universidade de Vigo

Bachelor in Laws. Education is Spanish Law on most areas (constitutional law, Roman law, human rights, history and philosophy of the law; criminal, civil, administrative, business, tax law) and public and private international and European law.

Universidade de Vigo

Advocacy Master at Universidade de Vigo. It is a mandatory master to become a qualified lawyer. If offers legal education in a practical way.

Tilburg University

LLM in Law and Technology at Tilburg University. Courses completed: Regulation: Ethics, Acceptance, and Legitimacy; Privacy and Data Protection; Capita Selecta Privacy and Data Protection; Cybercrime; Contracts and ICT; Global E-Commerce and Internet Liability; European Intellectual Property Law and Technology; Advanced Topics in Intellectual Property Law Additional courses: Dutch I for International Students Master Thesis: "I, Judge" - Artificial Intelligence in Criminal Justice and the Protection of Human Rights

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