W@Privacy Webinar 'Understanding the Rise of Digital Ethics in ESG'

[email protected] Webinar 'Understanding the Rise of Digital Ethics in ESG'

Oct 7, 2022 15:00 CET

[email protected] webinar on Digital Ethics in ESG

In a tech-fuelled, hyper-connected world, digital ethics considerations have become a critical element for sustainable innovation and long-term value delivery. Such that they are increasingly embedded in business and investment decision-making and are becoming a rising metric for ESG reporting. There are, however, several challenges raising difficult questions for our society to address. For example, how do we ensure that the effects of digital technology on individuals and the ecosystem are detected and dealt with at early stages? How do we measure digital ethics in ESG? In a global, multicultural environment, what type of ethical practices can we enable? This panel discussion will explore digital ethics trends and expectations that are driving the ESG agenda and meaningful innovation.


  • Bojana Bellamy, President of CIPL
  • Cecilia Alvarez, EMEA Privacy Policy Director at Meta
  • Martina Marchetti, Privacy Consultant at Privacy Culture Limited
  • Giorgia Vulcano, Global Digital Ethics Manager, ABInBev (moderator)
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