W@LifeSciences Talk: ‘One Health & Pandemic Prevention’

W@LifeSciences Talk: ‘One Health & Pandemic Prevention’

Oct 5, 2023 17:00 CET
Fipra, 227 Rue de la Loi, 1040 Brussels

One Health and Pandemic Prevention

One Health reflects the reality that environmental, human, plant and animal health are intrinsically linked. The approach brings together different disciplines to better prevent, predict, detect, monitor and respond to health threats. The World Health Organisation (WHO), the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO), the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), and more recently the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), are working together in the One Health Quadripartite. Jointly they have made a Call to Action for One Health to stress the need for enhanced collaboration and commitment to translate the One Health approach into policy action in all countries.

The EU Commission and the WHO are leading on developing a stronger health policy architecture through One Health, requiring a holistic governmental approach to promote cross sectoral collaboration to address these challenges. Both organisations have critical roles to play to ensure a coherent multilateral approach.

W@LifeSciences will host a panel discussion with Dr Sylvie Briand, Director of the Pandemic and Epidemic Preparedness and Prevention at the WHO and Roser Domenech Amado, Director of One Health at DG SANTE at the European Commission, alongside other leading stakeholders. The Panel discussion will seek to address how through a One Health approach policies can prepare the interdependent future of the health of humans, animals, plants and the environment, with a particular focus on pandemic prevention.

The event is open to everyone interested, regardless of gender. Advance registration required. Registrations are open via this form and subject to confirmation.

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