W@LawLT winter Meeting 2023

W@LawLT winter Meeting 2023

Nov 30, 2023 18:00
Glance studio, Lydos str 4, Vilnius

WHEN FASHION MEETS LAW. Her Majesty Communication

Join W@LawLT winter Meeting 2023  – “WHEN FASHION MEETS LAW. Her Majesty Communication.”


W@LawLT is delighted to host a meeting combining business and pleasure where experts of fashion, law and communication will share the news of Fashion industry and challenges of the day.  Jovita Gabnienė, Indrė Tarasevičiūtė and Kristina Kavaliauskienė are ready to share their long standing experience and answer your questions.


Kristina Kavaliauskienė, Head of Legal at Apranga Group will share tips and tricks that sales company has to bear in mind promoting various brands.  


Indrė Tarasevičiūtė, marketing guru at PERSONAL Agency, will share the insights about the evolution of marketing in fashion industry and importance of personalised communication.


Jovita Gabnienė, Managing Partner at Gabnys.Gabnienė, Dispute Resolution Attorney and Fashion Law developer will discuss the evolution of disputes in fashion industry and importance of respecting brand’s integrity in communication.



Advance registration is required. The fee is EUR 45. Registration: jovita.gabniene[at]gabnys.com

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