Warsha Kalé

Warsha Kalé

United Kingdom, London, UK
Senior Legal Editor - Global at Thomson Reuters
Profession: Knowledge Lawyer
Industry: Competition


Warsha is a Senior Legal Editor at Thomson Reuters - Practical Law responsible for creating and maintaining global competition law products. She has a particular interest in disrupting the legal landscape through leveraging knowledge management tools. Warsha has over 20 years’ private sector experience of advising on UK/EU competition law and multi-jurisdictional merger control. This included advising both private and public sector bodies on the UK/EU public procurement rules.


French, English, Marathi


AntitrustAbuse of DominanceCartelsCompetition PolicyInvestigationsMerger ControlLegal TechnologyRestrictive PracticesPublic Procurement


Thomson Reuters

Senior Legal Editor - Global at Thomson Reuters

October 2021 - Present • London, United Kingdom

I create and edit cross-border legal content for antitrust and competition professionals globally. I am currently designing a multi-jurisdictional merger control tool.
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