Viviana Paiano

Viviana Paiano

Italy, Milan
Profession: Scientist
Industry: Academia, Pharma


I have worked for seven years at the “IRCCS-Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research” in Milan – Italy, and for six years at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis - USA. Working in different scientific fields (Toxicology, Chemistry, Cancer Prevention) has also given me the opportunity to develop a considerable expertise in communication, project coordination and networking. I am looking for a job in Italy or Europe as a Project Manager in some EU agency or Institute.


Italian, English, Spanish


ToxicologyChemistryScience CommunicationMass SpectrometryCancer ResearchHuman Risk AssessmentEnvironmental RegulationEnvironmental Analysis


University of Minnesota

Scientist at University of Minnesota

6 years 2 mth • April 2014 - June 2020 • Minneapolis, USA

Scientific research related to understanding the mechanism of metabolic activation and DNA modifications by carcinogens in tobacco products and the human environment, with the purpose of applying this knowledge to cancer prevention: - Analysis and quantification of DNA adducts by LC-NSI-HRMS/MS (Orbitrap Fusion-Lumos-Thermo) in human oral cells, and of tobacco carcinogen metabolites by GC-MS/MS (Thermo), LC-MS/MS (Thermo) and HPLC-UV (Agilent) in human urine, blood and plasma from smokers and non-smokers from different ethnic groups. - Participation in clinical trials, people recruitment, sample collection. ¬ Analysis of a large amount of raw data (over 10.000 samples): • Internal excel databases created to calculate the levels of DNA adducts and urine tobacco carcinogen metabolites. • Statistical analysis performed using software such as SigmaPlot 12.5 in order to estimate the statistical significance in the difference between two groups of samples (e.g. T-test and Mann-Whitney U test). ¬ Preparation of papers, documents, reports, powerpoint presentations. ¬ Participation in national and international conferences and meetings with collaborators and vendors. ¬ Students and staff training. Project coordination.

IRCCS Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research

Scientist at IRCCS Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research

6 years 4 mth • October 2007 - February 2014 • Milan, Italy

¬ Scientific research in the field of human and environmental risk assessment and food safety: • Analysis of contaminants by HPLC-MS/MS (Agilent) and GC-MS (Agilent) in environmental and food samples, assessment of human exposure to these chemicals (ingestion, inhalation, dermal contact) and estimation of the risk of developing cancer. • Development of analytical methods and synthesis of chemicals. • Risk assessment and waste management studies related to specific environmental conditions or human activities such as emissions from landfills and incinerators. ¬ Analysis of raw data (hundreds of samples): • Internal excel databases created to calculate the levels of pollutants in food and environmental matrices. ¬ Preparation of papers, documents, grant proposals, powerpoint presentations. ¬ Participation in national conferences, international courses and workshops, and meetings with collaborators. ¬ Outdoor activities: environmental sample collection (e.g. air sample collection from a landfill for ambient air quality and odor assessment).


University of Milan

Master's Degree: Analysis and Management of Natural Environments

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