Stephanie Demperio

Stephanie Demperio

United States, Washington, D.C.
Associate Director at NERA Economic Consulting
Profession: Economist, Adviser / Consultant
Industry: Competition, Economics, Consulting


I am an economist with over a decade of experience conducting economic research in antitrust, including in merger investigations and in litigation. In merger review, I evaluate the competitive effects of mergers and have done so in mergers involving both US and foreign antitrust regulators. In antitrust litigation, I have analyzed antitrust liability and impact and estimated damages in cases involving alleged monopolization, abuses of market power, market definition, and coordinated conduct.




LitigationMerger ControlAntitrustPatentsCopyrightTrademarksCompetition Policy


NERA Economic Consulting

Associate Director at NERA Economic Consulting

August 2005 - Present • washington, dc, United States

I am an economic expert specializing in antitrust.
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