Nicola Ilgner

Nicola Ilgner

South Africa, Johannesburg
Director at Nortons Incorporated
Profession: Attorney / Solicitor, Lawyer
Industry: Competition, Law Practice
At W@: Board of W@CompetitionZA


Antitrust Attorney at Nortons Inc., a bespoke competition law firm in South Africa. Her practice focus is on South African and African competition law and regulation. She regularly advises clients on specific commercial strategies and projects, supply chain considerations and e-commerce projects from a competition law perspective. She also has a keen personal interest in privacy law and data protection. Nicola was a case manager at the South African Competition Tribunal.


English, German


AntitrustCompliance ProgrammesMerger ControlCompetition PolicyE-CommerceStrategic Communications


Nortons Incorporated

Director at Nortons Incorporated

March 2022 - Present • Johannesburg, South Africa

Specialising in South African competition law and regulation.


University of Pretoria


Deutsche Internationale Schule Pretoria

IEB Matric

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