Ieva Šmite

Ieva Šmite

Latvia, Riga
Head of Unit at Konkurences Padome (KP) - Latvian Competition Authority
Profession: Lawyer
Industry: Competition, Regulatory / Enforcement


Head of Cartel Unit of the Konkurences Padome – Latvian Competition Authority. Ieva has more than 12 years in the field of competition. In the last five years, she has focussed on prohibited agreements or cartels, which are the most serious violations of competition law. Ieva believes that in day-to-day work, it is important to maintain the opportunity to participate in various work processes where competition law can be applied in practice. That is why she participates not only in the administrative management of the department, but also in process of investigation of cases, applications, taking part in both procedural activities and prevention. She believes that it is important to find a balance between imposing penalties on companies, but also educating them – to promote a culture of competition. So Ieva tries to share her experience and practice in different ways: articles, seminars, webinars, conferences, video, podcasts. Ieva also has international experience (ECN working groups, OECD, Twining projects) as well as experience and practice in representing the authority in legal proceedings before courts.


English, Latvian


Konkurences Padome (KP) - Latvian Competition Authority

Head of Unit at Konkurences Padome (KP) - Latvian Competition Authority

Present • Riga, Latvia

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