Greta Monstavice

Greta Monstavice

Lithuania, Vilnius
Co-founder & CEO at Katalista Ventures
Profession: Manager
Industry: Consulting, Digital, Public Policy, Fintech, Financial Services, Education & Skills


I am a cofounder and CEO of Katalista Ventures - the first triple top line (positive impact) startup accelerator and fund in the Baltics. I've worked with startups and accelerators in Spain, UK and Lithuania, and have been a part of international juries, startup contests, podcasts and panels. I've done sustainability and innovation consulting in banking, IT, sports, RE and other industries in the Baltics. I'm a Stockholm Resilience Center alumni as well as a global community by the UN - UNLEASH.


English, Lithuanian


StartupsInnovationSustainable innovationSustainabilityTriple Top LineStartup acceleratorsImpact investing


Katalista Ventures

Co-founder & CEO at Katalista Ventures

October 2017 - Present • Vilnius, Lithuania

Triple Top Line - positive impact - startup accelerator and fund in the Baltics


Erasmus University Rotterdam / Rotterdam School of Management

MSc in Global Business and Sustainability Research: Accelerating sustainability-driven startups with startup accelerators in the UK.

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